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Purifier Mufflers

Purifier Mufflers – Maintenance

If the engine exhaust gas backpressure restrictions due to the exhaust purifier muffler increases significantly (20%+) over a period of time exceeds engine backpressure limits, the purifier core will require periodic cleaning. Accumulated deposits made up of carbon, hydrocarbons, sulfates, various oxides, non-combustible ash, etc… will accumulate in the purifier core over time. In typical use the purifier core may require periodic cleaning every 6-12 months and/or every 500 to 1000 hours of engine operation. Cleaning intervals may vary depending on engine make, engine type, engine condition, engine age, fuel type, lubrication oil type/consumption, etc.

For purifier muffler core cleaning remove the male NPT pipe plug located in the NPT pipe port on the purifier muffler body. The NPT pipe plug is usually located on the inlet side of the purifier muffler. Connect a short length (12-24”) of 1/8” or ¼” outside diameter copper or steel tube to the compressed air nozzle to create a compressed air wand. Direct the compressed air wand into the NPT port and proceed to direct air flow into each cell of the purifier core inlet face. Use a small flashlight to direct a beam of light into the NPT pipe port on the purifier muffler body. Visually inspect the inlet face of the purifier core to determine if the catalytic core is clean. Repeat until the core is free of deposits. Replace NPT pipe plug and torque to 25 ft/lbs. minimum. Check plug on periodic basis (500hr) for correct torque.

PROCEDURE “A” – Light Accumulation:

To clean light accumulations simply use a compressed air flow with a maximum nozzle pressure of approximately 40 to 50 psi. Use a soft rubber tipped nozzle and apply the air flow directly to the inlet and outlet faces of the purifier core. Wear an approved high quality respirator (such as Norton model 100 or Siebe North model 7700 or equivalent), overalls and eye protection. Perform the cleaning procedure in a well ventilated area that is not sensitive to soiling. Initially direct the compressed air flow into each cell of the purifier core inlet face and then direct the air flow into each cell of the core outlet face. Repeat until purifier is free of deposits.

PROCEDURE “B” – Heavy Accumulation:
To clean heavy accumulations of deposits place the purifier muffler into an oven capable of achieving a temperature of 1050°F (565°C), use an air atmosphere and allow the purifier muffler core to maintain 1050°F temperature for a period of 3 to 4 hours. Usually a pottery kiln or a metal heat treating oven will be suitable for this particulate procedure. Following the heating process, allow the purifier core to cool to ambient temperatures and repeat procedure “A” to remove any ash deposits.

PROCEDURE “C” – Heavy Accumulation:
An alternative method of cleaning heavy accumulations of deposits is to use a combination diesel fuel or gasoline soaking, compressed air flow and soft nylon brushes. Firstly the inlet/outlet faces of the purifier core are carefully brushed clean with a soft nylon brush. Compressed air flow is then directed into the inlet/outlet faces of the purifier core. Repeat these steps until the purifier inlet face is clean. Completely submerge the purifier core into a can of super concentrated “gunk” brand cleaning solution for 1 hour. Remove the purifier core and place in hot water for one hour to ensure that there is no “gunk” solution left in the purifier core. Air dry the purifier core with compressed air to ensure the core is dry. Reinstall the purifier into the engine exhaust system.

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