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Honda GASPRO SXT Purifier Mufflers




While among the best in the world, Honda’s gasoline and propane engines do produce a harmful combination of gases. This is true for both the single and twin cylinder engine designs. Without some type of effective converter and muffler system, the levels of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides produced would pose health issues for individuals and damage to the environment. Fortunately, Honda Gaspro SXT purifier mufflers are capable of aiding in the conversion of these gases into harmless emissions that are safer and pose less of a threat to the planet.

Several factors come together to make this design for a custom muffler one of the most efficient in the world. One has to do with the quality and type of the catalytic coating. The platinum-rhodium coating is applied carefully to ensure that it’s even. That coating reduces wear and tear, prolonging the muffler life. They also enhance the thermal stress resistance, which improves the ability to lower the amount of exhaust pollutants that are expelled. The use of thin but durable metallic core walls results in low gas exhaust restriction even during high speed operation.

The core itself utilizes a curved design for the mixed flow system. That allows the device to function more efficiently by forcing the pollutants to make direct contact with the catalytic converter surface. The result is a higher rate of conversion for the harmful gases and cleaner emissions.

Thicker steel alloys are paired with the thin metal used in the core to maximize the degree of physical and thermal strength. That makes the muffler capable of tolerating higher temperatures during operation. The potential for corrosion is also minimized even as the thicker alloys provide more support for the inlet and outlet core faces. The use of inlet flow diverters further increase the efficiency of the flow improve the custom muffler’s overall operating quality.

Ordering Honda purifier mufflers is not difficult. The process involves supplying information like the Honda engine model number, the engine’s maximum horsepower rating, the serial number, and the part number for the original muffler.

As with other custom mufflers, the installation is no more complicated than replacing a standard muffler with a new one of the same design. A professional will have no trouble removing the old muffler and having the new one in place quickly and properly.

Why Choose Catalytic Exhaust?

  • Fastest lead times in the industry
  • Competitive pricing
  • Honda Exhaust Purifier mufflers are in stock ready to ship
  • Proven technology for over 25 years
  • Low exhaust restrictions
  • Tortous core design is superior in reducing harmful pollutants up to 90%+
  • Easy installation

The Cause

Honda gasoline and propane fueled single and twin cylinder engines produce a number of harmful pollutants in the engine combustion chamber during normal operation. These pollutants include: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). OSHA and MOL regulations require that these harmful pollutants be reduced to minimal levels.

The Practical Solution

The use of a Honda GASPRO SXT exhaust purifier muffler will allow equipment operators to comply with all OSHA and MOL regulations. The Honda GASPRO SXT is easy to install, custom built to fit your engine and available at an affordable price.

By installing our Honda GASPRO SXT exhaust purifier muffler, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) can be reduced by 80-90%+, which helps in meeting required emissions regulations.

Technical Features

  1. High Efficiency “Tortuous” Flowpath Catalytic Core
  2. High Quality Catalytic Coating
  3. Superior Thermal and Physical Strength
  4. Low Exhaust Gas Restriction

Selecting The Correct Honda GASPRO SXT Exhaust Gas Purifier Muffler

In order to correctly select the proper Honda GASPRO SXT exhaust gas purifier muffler, the following information is usually required:

  1. The Honda engine model number
  2. The maximum horsepower rating of the Honda engine
  3. The serial number of Honda engine
  4. The Honda engine muffler part number

Honda Exhaust Gas Purifier Muffler List

Honda Engine Motor Model Gross Engine HP Honda OEM Muffler Part Number
Honda GX31 1.5 18310-ZM3-800
Honda GX35 1.6 18310-Z0Z-801
Honda GX100 3 18310-ZM0-000
Honda GX100 3 18310-Z0D-V20
Honda GX120/140/160 3-5 18310-ZF1-000
Honda GX200 6.5 18310-ZL0-000
Honda GX240 8 18310-ZE2-W00
Honda GX270 9 18310-ZE2-013
Honda GX340-GX390 11-13 18310-ZE2-U90
Honda GXV340 11 18310-2E9-003
Honda GX340 11 18310-ZD1-E31
Honda GX440 15 18310-Z2E-000
Honda GX610 18 18310-ZJ1-003
Honda GX620 K1 20 18310-ZJ1-003
Honda GX620 20 18310-ZJ1-802
Honda GX630 23 18310-Z6L-003
Honda GX630 23 17368-5X7-496
Honda GX670 24 18310-ZJ1-003
Honda GX670 24 18310-ZJ1-013
Honda GX610/620K1/670 18-24 18310-ZJ1-891
Honda GX610/620K1/670 18-24 18310-ZN1-801
Honda GX610/620K1/670 18-24 18310-ZJ1-10000
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