High Quality Catalytic Design

All of our products feature the following:

High Efficiency “Tortuous” Flowpath Catalytic Core
Our “tortuous” flowpath catalytic core incorporates a curved, mixed flow cell design which takes advantage of the physical properties of diesel particulate matter. The collision of particulate matter with the catalytic core surface is vigorously promoted and concentrated to provide maximum reductions of soluble organic particulate. In comparison, straight flowpath purifier designs allow a percentage of soluble organic particulate to flow through the catalytic core without contacting the catalytic surface. By promoting particulate to catalytic core contact the “tortuous” flowpath core design is superior in reducing soluble organic particulates.

High Quality Catalytic Coating
A high quality, uniform core coating provides highly efficient removal (oxidation) of harmful pollutants by up to 86%+. The quality if the catalytic coating is particularly evident in low temperature cold start or in case of light duty vehicles. In addition, the high quality coating ensures a long and reliable operating life in the most adverse conditions.

Low Exhaust Gas Backpressure
All of our catalytic cores are made of high strength, ultra thin metallic walls which reduce exhaust gas backpressure to a minimum. Even under high load/speed engine operating conditions, the operating efficiency of the engine will not be affected.

Superior Physical Strength
Several key design features result in excellent stability and reliability under extremely high temperatures and severe vibrations. Thick foil retainer rings and folded catalytic edges improve overall structural rigidity.

Low Maintenance and Easy Installation
The catalytic core design will minimize the formation of accumulated particulate matter. Compact and efficient design allows for easy installation and service with minimal equipment downtime.

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We value your privacy. Your information will never be sold or shared.


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